Honorin' Veterans • Respectin' Wives • Lovin' Country Music

What is the RCC?

Cold Drinks   ∞   Southern Comfort Food   ∞   Live Music

The RCC is the Redneck Country Club, a place where good people can relax and have a beer, a bourbon or some whiskey, and some simple vittles, while listening to a musician croon his heart out, around other like-minded people.

RCC will be a very relaxed atmosphere. Service will be slow, so don’t come in a rush. Staff will be limited, so don’t come if you need constant attention. The place will be run down, with the feel of a sleepy old town that hasn’t been touched in a generation, so don’t criticize that we have nothing that is fancy or new. The menu of food and drinks will be simple, so don’t come demanding a culinary journey or a broad array of beers and mixed drinks with stupid names like sex on a beach.

We’ll start with a ridiculously simple menu. That will likely mean just burgers until we get em right. It won’t be made your way, we’re not Burger King. It will be streamlined so we don’t screw it up, and we’ll improve as we go. Eventually, we hope to add barbeque, but not until we’re sure we don’t bungle it. Our hope is that this will happen within a month, but we can’t promise anything at this point.

We’ll have live music as often as we can, hopefully every single night we’re open. Often it will be someone whose name you don’t know, playing for a bar tab, trying to chase the dream. We hope to showcase some folks who need a barstool and a few willing listeners to hone their craft. We’ll ask that you pay attention to the band if you sit near the stage, and that if you wanna talk you respect them by moving to the back. We’ll add more established acts, and in short order we’ll add regional, then some national, acts on Friday and Saturday nights.

We will have varied levels of membership, and those who pay more for their membership will get more stuff. They will wait in line less time, and they’ll get more backstage access to the bands. We have loads of bills to pay, and that’s the only way we can do it. If you’re offended that someone who pays more gets more, this ain’t your place.

We won’t tolerate harassing the RCC hotties, harassing other guests, fights, or idiocy. We want people who enjoy a good time but know their limits, pay their bills, play nice with others, and act like civilized rednecks. We want our staff and the bands, enjoy their jobs, and to be treated with respect.

Michael Berry won’t be here every day, or for every concert, and won’t be able to visit with every person who shows up. He wants to have a good time, too, and relax just like everyone else. This is not a place to hang out with Michael, it’s a place to meet new people. He’s not the person to contact if you have a problem, there will be an RCC staff for that. No, friends of Michael don’t get free stuff, and Michael will pay for things just like everyone else. There are bills to pay, and he’s made very clear that nobody gets a free ride, including him.