Michael Berry – Czar

Michael Berry

Michael Berry

Michael Berry has drank homemade moonshine from North Carolina with Robert Earl Keen, met two presidents with the same last name, been cussed at by Ron White in a tweet, been called the Czar of Talk Radio by a bunch of workin people who can skin a buck & run a trotline, sang on stage with Johnny Lee (of Gilley’s and Urban Cowboy fame), has a word he created attributed to him in the Urban Dictionary, ran for mayor and was destroyed, attacked by the media and survived, killed 2 hogs with his first 2 shots from a moving helicopter, been featured on Good Morning America as tasteless for comments about a mosque at the site of 9/11, been boycotted by LULAC and the New Black Panther Party, had legal threats from CAIR, and loves bacon.

His wife is smokin hot, doesn’t nag him, and professes undying love, while cooking him hot meals & letting him smoke cigars & drink brown water in the house. She’s also a talented lawyer, and she’s the 109th Secretary of State. His 2 boys, Michael T & Crockett, have been called the most wonderful kids ever (by him), and they’re young enough to still think he’s cool and are willing to be seen in public with him.

Michael Berry owns the Redneck Country Club, and proudly refers to himself as a Redneck, a word he insists must be capitalized. He owns a mint condition General Lee. He loves cars but can’t fix em, loves guns but doesn’t like to clean em, and he enjoys fried chicken and cornbread. He takes pills to increase his testosterone and reduce his cholesterol, but his fabulous head of hair is all natural.